President Goodluck Jonathan Remains Hospitalized After Chronic Stomach Pain

President Goodluck Jonathan Remains Hospitalized After Chronic Stomach Pain 1
Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, has reportedly remained hospitalized at an undisclosed London hospital to which he was taken yesterday after complaining of chronic stomach pain.
“The President woke up to get ready for the business of the day only to complain of serious stomach pain”, one presidency source said.
The personal doctor to the President, Fortune Fibresima, reportedly administered some medicines but as the pain escalated, Mr. Jonathan was reportedly rushed to a hospital. Presidency officials hoped he would be released to participate at an Investor’s Council Meeting taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Central London, about five minutes from the InterContinental Hotel where the Nigerian president is lodged. The meeting is the objective of his visit.


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    • Heart problems are better managed by a particular doctor,that's the one that has being managing your condition from day one but if it gets chronic, u seek better medical care through reference from your doctor,maybe Mandela's didn't get to that. Mr President might just be seeking medical care because his Doctor see it necessary. After-all there is a medical practitioner attached to his office on salary.

    • My brother lets not put sentiments into health issues, That he needs to give good examples doesn't mean he shouldn't get the best of health care. If your doctor refers you to London, i think you should head there as soon as you can.(Moreover This is one of the benefits he gets from the office he occupies) Every Nigerian cant be referred to London for treatment, chronic issues don't spring up every day u know,except its an outbreak

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