PHOTOS From David Beckham’s Underwear Photoshoot For H&M

Smouldering: David Beckham looks as sexy as ever in the latest campaign for his David Beckham Bodywear Collection
When it comes to posing in pants, few celebrities are more ell equipped for the job than David Beckham.
And the sportsman’s latest underwear campaign for H&M is sexier than ever, with David positively smouldering for the camera.
The 38-year-old is seen posing in a variety of smalls for the high-street store, showing off his buff physique in the process.

Shirtless and sexy: David clutches a pipe as he is locked on a rooftop during the photoshoot

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Working it: Smiles aren't on the radar as David breaks out his trademark frown once again for the intense shots
Ready to make a run for it: David wears pyjama bottoms as he prepares to make a dash across the rooftop
Pull up a pew: David is seen in a grey vest and trunks as he has a rest after a gruelling afternoon
More to come... The advert for the latest underwear campaign will be released during the Super Bowl
Ironic: David passes one of his bodywear ads during his journey

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