Former Jail Guard Admits He Falsifyed Jail Log In Sandra Bland’s Death

A former Texas jail guard recently has admitted to falsifying log entries to show he checked on Sandra Bland an hour before her death when in fact he didn’t, according to a lawyer for Bland’s family.

He said that he had checked on Bland less than a hour before she was found dead but he actually didn’t. Lambert claims that none of the guards had checked on Bland or some of the other inmates in that hour.

A source has claimed that special prosecutors were aware of the falsified records but a grand jury declined to indict anyone from the sheriff’s office.
28 year old Bland died on July 13, 2015. Just three days after being pulled over and arrested during a traffic stop by former Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia. She was found in her cell hanging from a noose made from a plastic trash bag. Her death was ruled a suicide.


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