Internet Trolls Norway Blogger For Calling Bantu Knots ‘Big Heatless Curls’

Norway-based beauty blogger Gilan Sharafani caught major flack for her latest “Big Heatless Curls” hair tutorial. While the style is actually referred to as bantu knots — often worn by black women with natural hair and often used as a means to achieve heatless curls – Sharafani made no mention of the actual name within her video or anywhere in the content description box.

Internet Trolls Norway Blogger For Calling Bantu Knots ‘Big Heatless Curls’ 1
Internet Trolls Norway Blogger For Calling Bantu Knots ‘Big Heatless Curls’ 2

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After her video was posted and shared on the ‘Girls Creativity’ Facebook page, the video was flooded with dozens of comments accusing Sharafani of cultural appropriation.

“Big heatless curls? Uhuh honey, Bantu Knot Out! Black women been doing this for decades.”

“Pardon you? We Africans have been doing this for centuries, this is nothing new, I don’t care if you do it too, just give credit where it’s due! Also this particular method isn’t meant for your texture of hair so it didn’t come out properly.”

“I think this is really disrespectful. If you are going to take something from someone else or a different culture, be respectful enough to give credit where it is due. You would have gotten more support from these so called “big heatless curls” if you would have just called them their respected name. Bantu knots!!””

In response to the backlash, Sharafani updated her IG caption saying,…………read more when you continue….

 “For all of you commenting about what I shall call this style, I did not know that this was an African hair style TILL now! And I have never said that this is a new technique discovered by me! So if you want me to call it Bantu Knots, then it’s Bantu Knots.”

If not from a video on bantu knots, where do you think she drew inspiration from for the style in the first place? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Bitch looks like tumbleweed met coco the clown. Filthy whypipo, cannot keep well alone, drag her until her great grandchildren are popping out children with no edges.

    I apologise folks my quota for white people fuckery has maxed out for the week and it's not even Friday. So excuse me if my comets are just roasts that's all I got for now but enjoy the laughs ???

  2. And this is why the angry black woman stereotype persists. This woman has done nothing wrong while you utilize the cultures of no-blacks everyday.

  3. I didn't come out right so whatever she calls it it looks a mess. Furthermore, I side eye her on being clueless I highly doubt she was on the matter because if you know it is not a new technique and didn't discover it then you know it came from somewhere but whatever.

  4. Lol. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She probably got inspiration from the Marc Jacobs mini-bun hairstyle thingamajig…lmao! If she didn't know what they were, she does now and is calling it that. Good. Others double down and say "whatever". Trivial issue, this one. Meh.

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