HIV-Positive Woman Pokes Boy with a Needle Containing Her Body Fluids

Jacqueline O’Neil, a 32-year-old HIV-positive woman is being tried in court. for jabbing a boy with a hypodermic needle containing her ‘body fluids’ after he flushed her drugs down the toilet.

 According to Daily Record, Dundee Sheriff Court heard Jacqueline O’Neil pricked the 12-year-old, whose name can not be mentioned for legal reasons, culpably and recklessly.

The court heard that the boy had turned up at the residence of O’Neil with a relative. While there the pair found heroin and drug paraphenalia in the room and O’Neil under the influence.

The boy took the drugs and flushed them down the toilet before returning to the living room. A needle was sitting on a pillowcase and a struggle ensued.

According to the Daily Record, Fiscal depute Saima Rasheed told the Court, “The Crown’s position is that she was under the influence of something and was waving the needle about whereby it struck the boy on the hand.

“Her version is that she is trying to take the needle away from him when it struck him.”

No information was given about the boy’s medical condition.

O’Neil, admitted to being culpable and reckless in conduct.

Defence solicitor Gary McIlravey said,

“She accepts the struggle took place and that he was struck by the needle but doesn’t accept the lead up to how it happened.

“Drugs were seen by the boy and were taken and disposed of – flushed down the toilet. At that point, he re-enters the living room and there is a pillowcase with a needle in it. He asks what it was, picks it up and the struggle ensues. At some point, the boy was pricked.”

Sheriff Lorna Drummond deferred sentence until next month and O’Neil was released on bail.

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