Read the Letter From FG to Banks Directing them to sell Dollar at N197 To Hajj Pilgrims

Above is the letter sent to Banks by the Federal government telling them to sell dollars at N197 to Hajj Pilgrims. 

Nigeria is the biggest joke of the century. If religion doesn’t scatter us, I don’t know what else will.

As at yesterday $1 dollar was exchanged for N400. This implies that Buhari is giving a whooping subsidy of N203 for each dollar exchanged by a Muslim pilgrim.

Thus, each Muslim pilgrim is being giving N203,000 and by extension for 5000 pilgrims,

Buhari is willing to throw away with over N1 billion for a wholly personal trip.

to import fuel N308 to $1
to import rice N400 to $1
to go and pray N197 to $1

FLOATING NAIRA…..don’t worry..we have an economic team

A Man In Debt Demolishes His House And Drops It In Front Of The Bank

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