Sharia Court To Cut Off Hands And Legs Of 10 People, 5 Others To Be Stoned To Death In Bauchi

Five persons were sentenced to death-by-stoning; and 10 others are awaiting for their legs and hands to be amputated.

Suleiman T. Suleiman, the Controller of Prisons, Bauchi State Command, has said that five persons who were sentenced to death-by-stoning; and 10 others whose legs and hands are to be amputated are awaiting the day of judgment.

Suleiman, who spoke in an interview with newsmen in his office on Tuesday on the state of prison in Bauchi, also lamented that these two sets of convicts have been in jail for over 10 years with action not taken on them

He said six other inmates have also been condemned to death, five are currently on life sentence, while 188 are on various jail terms of two years and above.

Suleiman lamented that the prison currently has 947 inmates at the 500-capacity Bauchi Prison. He said:

“The condemned convicts we have are mostly coming from Sharia Courts. These and other related cases like amputation of hand or leg have been in jail for over 10 years without knowing their fate.

“Their hands are not cut off, their legs are not cut off, they don’t know their fate.

“There are also those who are supposed to be stoned to death. I am worried.

“I feel touched that each time I go to any of the prisons to visit, they’ll be the first to confront me with questions about their case.

“I have written to the state governor, I have also written to the state Chief Judge to see that something is done about these people.

“They’re the only category of people that cannot be taken to court because they have already been convicted, but there’s no execution.”

The Prison Comptroller said that if the sentences could not be executed, their sentences could be commuted to prison terms.

“If this cannot also be done, they should be granted pardon and counselled to be of good behaviour and released.

“I want the government to execute the law as it is and if they cannot do that, the governor has the power to give clemency to these convicts.”

The death penalty according to the United Nations as a gross human right violation.

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