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“South-East Shouldn’t Be Talking About ‘Igbo Presidency’ Because It Doesn’t Exist” – Okorocha



"South-East Shouldn't Be Talking About 'Igbo Presidency' Because It Doesn't Exist" - Okorocha 3

The new senator representing Imo West, Rochas Okorocha, has cautioned Southeasterner against the misconception of the term ‘Igbo presidency.’

Okorocha, while addressing journalists after being sworn in as Senator on Thursday, said such an agenda could not have existed as it was impossible to hand over power to a region without due process.

The former governor said he is more concerned about having a president who can put food on the table of the common man.

“Power is not given, power is taken,” he said. “The South East cannot just fold their arms and expect power to be given to them just because you want power. Power does not go with sentiment some of the times, it’s on issues on ground.

“Democracy is about the people and the South East alone cannot make themselves president. So you cannot be talking about Igbo presidency, it doesn’t exist. We may be talking about Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction but that depends on what other geopolitical zones think about the issue.

“For me, what is important is let power be given to somebody who has something upstairs who can put food on the table of common man, irrespective of religion or where you come from.”

He noted that the South East needs to mend fences across the country in other to remain relevant politically.

“There is need for the Igbos to mend fences. We are neither here nor there now politically. We are not in the ruling party, neither are we making impact in the opposition. So, there is need for us to get married to the rest of the nation politically.”

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