Secondary School Teacher Accused Of Beating Student Into Coma In Ogun State

A woman has taken to Instagram to report an allege case of child abuse by a teacher who beat his student to coma.

A teacher has been accused of child abuse after a woman alleged that he beat his student to coma in a top secondary school in Ogun State.

The woman identifies the student as her brother and reported that the boy was in coma for 3 days while the school tried to cover up the incident.

“This is child abuse… a teacher at faith academy flogged my brother then hit him on his chest he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and was in coma for 3 days. At this point what my brother did or did not do is not valid no man has the right to treat someone else’s child like that. Not to talk of the fact the child is placed under their custody with so much trust.

“On top of that I called the principal he lied to me that my brother is not in the hospital and hes fine not until my parents got to ota and found him at the hospital. I’m a mother of 2 and knows the value of children plus we have videos of student testifying to this teacher hitting and slapping them all the time.

“we chose not to put the video out to protect the interest of these kids so guys pls help me repost let’s find justice for David. # justicefordavid.”

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