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TStv Relaunches Pay-Per-View Service, Nigerians To Pay N2 Per Channel



The management of Telcom Satellite Television (TStv) has announced plans to relaunch its services with a pay per view model as low as N2.00 and as high as N5.00 for a channel per day.

TStv Relaunches Pay-Per-View Service, Nigerians To Pay N2 Per Channel 3

The chief executive officer of TStv, Bright Echefu said his organisation will launch the indigenous satellite TV network on October 1st, 2020, to mark Nigeria’s independence day.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, Echefu assured Nigerians that the Pay TV has rebuilt its brand to deliver the same value and content earlier promised in 2017, but in advanced technology and model beneficial to all.

“The company had surmounted the challenges it encountered after its launch in October 2017 and was better positioned to deliver quality services to Nigerians.

“We are going to be the first to implement pay-per-view. What TSTV has done is, allow you to create your own bouquet and you have channels that are as low as N2 per day. If you have a N50 voucher, you are actually watching TV and saving your money.”

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Echefu disclosed that out of the 180 channels to be rolled out, 80 of them were High Definition (HD) channels, adding that TSTV was the first Pay TV in sub-Saharan Africa to adopt H.265 decoder, which streams at a higher quality.

“Nobody has as many HD channels as we do. We are rolling out with about 180 channels. We are going to be the first in sub-Saharan Africa to implement H.265,” the CEO said.

He said that the company since 2017 went back to the drawing board to address all lapses to give Nigerians value for money and that while services will begin in 18 states on October 1, the remaining states will enjoy services from October 10.

“On 1st October 2017, we had our official launch with great expectations but the Pay TV environment was a bit choky. We were able to wriggle our way though they were many challenges, to redeem our lost relationship on October 1st.

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“While we were off the radar, we properly studied the business and we have created a model to fit every Nigerian’s desire. We have created the pay as you view a model where Nigerians will pay only for the channels they want to watch.

“Nigerians will be able to choose their bouquet by themselves, by choosing only those channels that they want to watch and pay for with a minimal amount per pay; 108 channels are available on our platform and more than 80 of them are High Definition (HD).

“TSTV is ready for business as a major player in the Pay-TV industry. Having studied the market and minds of Nigerians critically, we are creating a model that will benefit all Nigerians.

“We know that most of the channels in a bouquet are not watched and with this pay per view model, we have broken it down for Nigerians to book their own bouquet by getting the channels they want and select the bouquet that suits their demands for as low as N2.00 to N5.00 per day by loading the TSTV vouchers.

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“Exactly what we told Nigerians is what we are going to do; why do you have to pay so much to have access to content?” he asked.

Echefu also said that as a gift to Nigerians for their steadfastness and understanding, the company had made the Grande Sports Extra Channel and some other local channels free to all Nigerians for one year.

While saying that Nigerians would be able to enjoy the ability to pause the decoder when not in use for a long period, he, however, said that to safeguard against abuse, genuine reasons must be given for pausing the services.

“TStv has invested a lot in acquiring rights. Most channels are as low as N5 per day. As a gift to Nigerians, we are releasing one of our sports channels free for a year.”

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He, however, revealed that due to its upgrade in technology and services, the old decoders initially released in 2017 which has been showing content till date, would cease to be in use in the next two weeks.

While noting that TSTV subscribers would have to purchase new decoders at an amount to be revealed at the relaunch, he said old decoders could be swapped for the new decoders at an amount also to be disclosed on October 1st.

He added that La Liga would be free but viewers would have to pay to view other football leagues, adding that about 18 states would be activated once they roll out their services on Independence Day.

Echefu also commended the Federal Government for giving the company the desired support to start again after the challenges that led to its failure when it was first launched.


KanyiDaily recalls that four months ago, a law firm, West African Business Platform Limited, ejected TStv from its Abuja Headquarters office due to its inability to pay its rent.

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