Opeyemi Falegan Threatens To Sue UNICEF For Describing Him As ‘Scammer’

UNICEF has withdrawn its scam alert issued against Opeyemi Falegan.

Opeyemi Falegan, a politician and ex-lover of Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has threatened to sue the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for describing him as a scammer.

Opeyemi Falegan Threatens To Sue UNICEF For Describing Him As 'Scammer'

UNICEF Calls Out Opeyemi Falegan

KanyiDaily recalls that on Friday, April 8, the politician had organised a fundraising campaign via his foundation known as Opeyemi David Falegan (ODF).

Taking to his Instagram page, Opeyemi solicited donations for his foundation, saying he would directly submit it to UNICEF for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

However, UNICEF distanced its body from the post, saying Opeyemi’s donation campaign is indeed and fake urged the general public not to fall victim to the scam.

Despite the alert, Falegan posted a video on his Instagram page to support his claim that he had indeed raised £61 to be donated to UNICEF’s relief efforts in Ukraine.

UNICEF Withdraws Scam Alert Against Opeyemi Falegan

In an update on Monday, the organization said it has taken down the scam alert against the politician because he has stopped the fundraising campaign.

The organisation also clarified that the scam alert was issued because Opeyemi tried to promote his foundation while raising funds in its name, UNICEF.

The statement reads, “We are aware that funds can be raised for UNICEF with the Instagram feature that allows users to raise funds for an organization of their choice. However, no aspect of the fundraiser should include an unauthorized promotion, support, or fundraising for another organization.

“We discourage intended or unintended affiliations with organizations we do not have a partnership with. In instances where this occurs, UNICEF can issue an alert through our office in the country where the unauthorized activity took place or where the organization operates in.”

Sharing the post, UNICEF wrote: “Note: We have taken down the post with the scam alert as the fundraising activity in question has been discontinued.”

Opeyemi Falegan Threatens Lawsuit Against UNICEF

Taking to his Instagram page, the politician called out the organization for allegedly portraying him as a scammer.

Opeyemi also described UNICEF’s scam alert as “gross irresponsibility” which he said would “be lawfully handled”.

He wrote, “You cannot take down the scam alert post made about me without proper procedure or due process, you knew you made a blunder because I never made a fundraising with you.”

“I did with @unicef which was the main organ of @unicef for Ukraine’s war victims which was allowed and acknowledged.

“The hatchet write up by the UNICEF_Nigeria and its sponsors has not only portrayed I, Hon. Opeyemi David Falegan as a scammer in the public alone but it has depreciated my untainted image in Ekiti state, Nigeria and the world. This is pure gross of irresponsibility on your part and it shall be lawfully handled.”

The UNICEF’s scam alert comes after Opeyemi Falegan opened up about his messy relationship with actress, Nkechi Blessing, who he accused of dating him for sex and money.

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