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Popular Slay Queen, Eniola Ennies Kicked Out After Claiming Ownership Of Her Boyfriend’s House [Video]



Popular slay queen, Eniola Ennies has been sent packing by her boyfriend after claiming ownership of his house in Lekki, Lagos State.

Popular Slay Queen, Eniola Ennie Kicked Out After Falsely Claiming Ownership Of Her Boyfriend's House [Video]

It was gathered that Eniola’s boyfriend gave her the house. He bought the property in his mother’s name which displeased Eniola. She asked him to change the house documents and he did only that the documents he gave her were fake.

She was however allegedly handed a fake document by her boyfriend at the time so they can be stable. Months after this, he came back to reclaim the house with the right document after they fell out.

This led to a drama and it was gathered that the estate managers who arrived at the scene of the fight which ensued, confirmed that the document she had was fake.

After the drama that ensued over the house, Eniola debunked the viral report and told her own side of the story in a lengthy post shared on her Instagram story.

She claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Blaze, is an internet fraudster who was always broke. She claimed she was the one spending money on him and even accommodated him when his friends threw him out of their home.

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Speaking on the house’s issue, she said he recently closed a huge deal in his fraud business and made part payment for the house, which he claimed he bought for her as a token of appreciation for everything she had done for him.

He then asked her for $10,000 to balance the payment which she sent to him. However, when she posted ‘her’ new house on social media, some people told her that it wasn’t hers, but that of her boyfriend’s mother.

When she confronted her boyfriend, he debunked the reports and insisted that the house was hers. She then proceeded to move into the house with her belongings and furnished it with her money.

However, when they started living together in the house, he became abusive toward her and whenever she threatened to break up with him, he would beg her.

She finally decided to call it quits and wanted to move all of her furniture out of the house when the drama and false reportage started.

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Swipe to read some of the receipts she shared as proof that she was the one funding their lifestyle,

KanyiDaily had also reported how a Nigerian slay queen was arrested by the police after she was apprehended for buying drinks of N420,000 at a nightclub with a fake credit alert.

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