Russian Plane Crash Kills Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Ice Hockey Team

Russian Plane Crash Kills Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Ice Hockey Team 1

Russian Plane Crash Kills Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Ice Hockey Team 2

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Russia is in mourning after almost
the entire team of a top ice hockey club, including several foreign stars, died
in a plane crash that killed 43 people.

The medium-range Yak-42 aircraft
crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from an airport near
Yaroslavl in western Russia at about 4pm local time yesterday Wednesday Sept 7.
It was carrying the city’s Lokomotiv ice hockey team to a match in Minsk, the
capital of Belarus, scheduled for Thursday night.
TV showed emergency officials wading out to blazing lumps of wreckage in the
Volga river, about 160 miles north-east of Moscow. Seven crew and 36 members of
the team and coaching staff died.

Among them were players from Germany,
Sweden and Slovakia, as well as Brad McCrimmon, the club’s Canadian coach.
Doctors were fighting to save the life of two survivors – crew member Alexander
Sizov and Alexander Galimov, who plays for Lokomotiv and Russia’s national team.
He is reported to have suffered terrible burns.

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