23 Year Old Nigerian Marries 68 Year Old Greek: Could This Be Love????


The 23 year old Nigerian boy and his 68 year mother ,sorry lover..Just got married…Is this true love or there is more to it???
Nigerians are indeed hard to please! Since the news broke that this 28-year-old …Nigerian married a 68-year-old Greek, all Nigerian papers – mainstream and online – have been nothing but agog with condemnations upon condemnations of “what God has joined together.”

Where are thou manners, o ye people? Isn’t love supposed to be where you find it? Just like we don’t like the government meddling with our bedroom activities, we should learn to stay clear from people’s choice of marriage. Instead of all this ranting, we should be wishing this couple well and commending this young man for even bringing his better half home for a proper introduction to family members and to perform traditional marriage rites (unlike his compatriots who do theirs in their countries of residence). What if he had chosen to do everything in Greece? Can’t you see how happy they look in the photo? What about Senator (former Governor) Yerima who married a 13-year-old Egyptian girl? A lot of Nigerian women are also in the habit of getting married to younger men. And what’s wrong with that? On behalf of 9ja Facebook community, I wish this couple a very happy, long married life.

Hmmmm i got that from Kaanayo’s page on Facebook.

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