Miss Bum Bum Pageant

Miss Bum Bum Pageant 1
There’s a contest in Brazil called Miss Bum Bum pageant and it’s a nationwide contest to find the woman with the best butt in the country.  The event website claims that a recent Spanish survey indicates that 81 percent of men favor women with curves and couldn’t care less about cellulite. Men, na true?

The pageant will hold in Sao Paolo in November. Just Imagine this kind of  Miss Bum Bum Pageant in Naija,which state do you think will claim the grand prize???

Besides, so flat broom like me will soon stop having shykers abi? God 4bid bad tin

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  1. of course we men like curves, all in the correct places. This is the type of competition that suits Nigeria (nigerian men), not those rigged beauty contests.

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