Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I) – Part 3

Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I) - Part 3 1

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You’ve read Part 1 and Part 2, now; The ball is in Jokes court…. as she alone and maybe Kunle knows her faith?

     …I dropped my cup on the table and watch as he advance on my lips with calculated slowness. Oh oh, I thought you were suppose to close your eyes when kissing, but I couldn’t close mine, I had my eyes locked on his and his on mine. I watched as he lick and suckle on my lips, oh my, this guy can surely kiss unlike some guys who just stick there tongue in your mouth kunle was gentle on my lips, he treated it like a strawberry, using his lips, teeth and tongue, I was just standing there looking at him and feeling the kiss he was give me, to my horror kunle stopped kissing me! ‘wh-why did you stop?’I stammered –‘I need you to work with me Joke, you are just staring at me, you have to put your heart, body and soul in it, don’t be shy, do all the things you wish to do, don’t feel guilty, this is an experiment, no love lost, unleash your lust on me, ok?’ I looked him straight in the eyes and said ‘ok, let get on with it.’

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          Without waiting for a reply, I wove my arms around his neck, drew his head down and slanted my lips on his. He wanted to put his tongue in my mouth, I closed my teeth, this is my race now and I’ll set it at my pace. I took his lips in my mouth and lick it, tracing it with my tongue then I took his bottom lips in my mouth and suck it for like ten seconds, then I bit his lips with my teeth gently then I took all his lips in my mouth and suck, lick and bit! Kunle moaned he put his right hand on my neck drawing my head closer and his left hand on my waist drawing me closer still, he pressed his tongue against my teeth seeking permission to go into my mouth, I allowed him. His hand slipped from my waist and moved to my bottom, he rubbed and squeeze gently, I signed into his mouth; he stopped kissing me and went for my ear.
         Amm, ishsssh, aarhoossh’ I moaned, still sucking my ear, I felt his right hand slipped on my left breast ‘Arrsshhs, oooh’ I blabbed on ‘Oh gosh, what’s this guy doing to me, he’s touching at all the right places on my body, I thought. His mouth left my ear and moved to my neck not taking his right hand which was doing wonderful things to my breast, I felt the zip of my dress give way and he stopped for a second to take off my dress, I grabbed the helm of his shirt and took it off him. He’s not a six pack guy but he has a good figure, ‘Wow, Joke you have a good figure, I like your breast and I love your lingerie’ he said, I was grateful that Tola forced me to dress up, also I felt shy for a second because it’s odd hearing a comment from my friend’s bf, ’Thanks, you are not bad yourself’ I replied. While holding my gaze with his, his right hand went for my left breast, he took it out of the cup and he did the same to the right breast, he dropped his gaze to my breast, his breath caught in his throat and he said in a harsh voice, ’Isshh, nice jugs, it’s sure bigger than what I see from afar’ without waiting for a response, he took my right breast in his mouth and his forefinger and thumb circled my left nipple.

   ‘Arrwwoo, arhii, ohwhohg’ I moaned out louder while his mouth and hands do wonders to my breast. He took his mouth from my right breast and lavished his mouth and tongue on my left breast, ‘Oh my, this is so wonderful and I can feel hot liquid flow to my loins’ the still functioning part of my brain acknowledged. He left my want breast and his mouth and hands explore other parts of my body downwards, he kissed and lick every part of my body that his hand has touched, he knelt down in front of me, I didn’t know when my pant came off me but I felt his hands on my naked bum, he wandered to my thighs, he grabbed my bottom cheeks and rub them, ’Assrhhs ‘I moaned, I felt his mouth on my thighs and suddenly his face was in my virginal! He looked up at me and said ‘Clean pussy we have here, grab something before it’s too late.’

    I didn’t understand what he meant until I felt his my mouth on my very short almost not existing clitoris ‘Aarrrhhhhh’ I screamed, I tried to hold on to something as my limps failed me but all I could grab was air! I fell on the sofa and spread my legs wider giving him more asses, I threw my head back, my eyes shut  and my hands went for his head and I wasn’t in control of my mouth again. Unlike all other guys I’ve had sucked me, this was different, kunle knows his onions from his beans, he didn’t stuck his tongue in my pussy or suckle on my pussy, he just lick, suck and bite gently on my clitz. His hands came up to sweet torture my nipples, I raised my waist to meet his head and drew his head closer still as heat built up in my middle part, kunle raised up his head to take in air, my head shot up and I screamed at him ‘No please don’t stop’ almost crying. ‘Relax babe, we’ll get there, you don’t want me suffocating under you, do you?’ he said, smiled and went back to my waiting and wanting pussy. He licked my clitoris, rolling his tongue on it, shaking his head from right to left on it and going up and doing with his tongue, he suckle on my clitoris taking it between his lips meanwhile his hands never left my breast.

          ‘Yes, please, arrhh, yeeeee, yeaaa, years, please don’t stop, arr’ I screamed on, suddenly, I felt liquid fire running from my feet to my virginal, I tried to push him off me, he took his hands away from my breast and wove it around my thighs grounding me to the sofa ‘Arrppp, yehheie’ I continue to blab on while I shaking my waist violently still trying to make him stop because I didn’t know what was happening to me and I didn’t know how much longer I could endure the sensation, it’s sweet and painful at the same time, I took my breast into my hands, squeezing them  and I pushed my waist into his face, then it came to me, all the muscle in my body pulled together at the apex of my thighs and liquid fire shot through every blood vessel in my body, stars exploded in my head, kunle held on to my thighs but his head never left my clitz, tears poured from my eyes and I was shaking, I screamed like never before and I’m sure my voice could be heard in the next compound, this went on for two minutes I think.

           For the first time in my life I felt completed, I felt fulfilled, I felt like a real woman. Kunle was sitting beside me on the sofa by now, I opened my eyes slowly, my vision was blurred, but it cleared up in six seconds, kunle was staring at me a very big smile on his face. ‘Welcome back to earth, how was cloud nine?’ he said, my shyness came back and I threw my arm over my face grinning from ear to ear ‘Common don’t give me that after all the hard work I just put into your climax’ kunle coaxed me, I tried to talk but I couldn’t find my voice, I swallowed my saliva and said in a tiny voice, ‘That was beautiful, I don’t know what to say, it was out of this world, thank you very much kunle’, ‘Don’t thank me, it’s my turn now’, without much ado, kunle tore open a condom, put it on his erected penis  and entered me with is more than average dick, I swear, this guys is multitasked, he’s kissing and touching me everywhere while his dick work wonders in me. I wove my legs around his waist and raised my hips to meet his, I met him stroke for stroke, while my hands taunt his nipples ‘Arhs babe, you are so sweet’ kunle said his voice tainted with passion.

          This gave me more courage and I roll over him not disengaging from our position, I planted my legs at either side of his thighs and started going up and down on him, not on my knees but on my toes, kunle’s hand flew to my clitoris and he was rubbing it as I climb him, I went wild and went faster ‘SLOW.DOWN.OR.I’LL.CUM.SOON, each word perforated with throaty groans. I really tried to go slow, but I couldn’t, that liquid fire was coming again, ‘Faster kunle, please don’t stop’ kunle increased the pressure on my clitz as I went up and down faster on him, he groaned ‘I’M CUMMING’ I screamed he answered me with ‘CUM WITH ME BABE’ two seconds after I exploded, kunle maneuvered my back to the rug, threw my legs over his shoulder and trust hard and fast into me, ’Arrsh, I’m coming’, with that he stumble on me and convulse too. I kissed his neck and sooth his back rubbing up and down with my hands. I can say now I AM SATISFIED!!! Kunle raised his head up and ask.

          ‘How’s my patient doing, have I been able to cure her of her ailment?’ ‘I’m fine doc. You have definitely healed me, thank you doctor, but I’ve a question’ I told him. He stood up and took off his condom and sat down, ‘I’m all ears’ he said. ‘How do I reach climax with my boyfriend?’ I asked ‘Well basically just tell him to touch and lick you where your turn ons’ are now that you know them and you can always come on your own, masturbation is not only for men you know? You can also rub you clitoris anytime you feel like. It may take time for you to climax now, but as time goes on, your body will adjust to your new sexuality and it will be easier for you to cum, just remember to always give your clitoris the attention anytime you make love’ he explained. ‘Thank you kunle, I’m really grateful’ I thanked kunle ‘Very funny of you Joke, the pleasure is all mine but I’ve to go now, I’m on night duty and it’s 10:30pm already, can I have a quick shower in Tola’s bathroom?’ ‘Sure, of course, I’ll be in my room, holla at me when you’re do’ I said.

   I picked up my discarded clothes and went to my room, I want to shower but I decided it will wait till I saw off kunle, I put on a bum-short and tank top, laid on my bed while I wait for kunle’s knock, I didn’t know when I slept off. When I woke up, it was 3:26a:m, a note was beside my bed and it read thus,
Adejoke, you look so beautiful and peaceful while you slept I didn’t have the heart to wake you up, be good and I hope you find happiness, take care…’ Dr.Kunle                                            
 I smiled and tore off the paper, so this is how satisfied women feel? Now that I know, Niyi and I sure need to talk! [To be continued]

In Part 3 of Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I):

Wow… Joke has finally felt the thrill of being a woman.

Kunle lived up to the hype and gave Joke all she had always wanted… to Climax.

Joke loves and cares for Niyi; but Niyi now has to make her feel the way she wants too.

Will Joke and Niyi remain together?

Will Joke show him what to do?

Will Joke move on and find happiness else where?

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Story written by Olatorera
Edited by Eddiong Eton
Special thanks to Effiong, who saw the talent in Ola and decided to develop it…culled from his blog
Here is a sneak peek into part 4….

My left breast was in my left hand as I teased my nipple with my fingers. My head was tilted back beyond my pillow, my throat exposed to the ceiling, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, my mouth slightly opened, my tongue at the tip of my lips with my teeth resting on my tongue. In short, the expression on my face was of a lady about to climax. My right hand [which is the favourite part of my body for now] doing some serious good to my clitoris, I licked my lips as my hand touched my G-spot just at the top right of my clitoris, ‘iissshh’ I hissed. The sole of my feet digging into my mattress, my toes dangling in the air as hot fire sprang through my feet upwards, I drew my legs closer to my thighs as I opened my thighs wider and my hands went crazy over my clitz, I was about to cum when my door flew open….

Who do you think came into the room?

Was it Niyi?

What happened between Niyi and Joke?

If you wanna know? Send in your comments and predictions on what happens next?


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