Love, Lust and Money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I) – Part 2

Love, Lust and Money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I) - Part 2 1
Thanks for the open hearted responses we got from Part 1 of Joke’s story. If you missed it, read it HERE
We hope her journey to find happiness, would inspire many to come out of the closet; be true to themselves and seek help.
From the first installment, Joke has had eight (8) relationships in five (5) years. In that time She has not been able to reach organism, Tola her friend has provided a way out; 
Will Joke go along with Tola’s plan? Would she back out and remain in her entrapment? ….
Here’s – Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I) – Part 2.

            I was thinking, ‘is what I’m about to do right? Can I live with my friend and myself afterwards? What if Tola and I have a misunderstanding in the future? What if my boyfriend Niyi hears about my little escapade? What if kunle can’t deliver has promised by Tola? Oh boy, that will be a disaster! On the other hand, if I go through with this act maybe I’ll find release from this sexual frustration I’ve always been in, then I can be sure nothing is wrong with me and I can also find myself and discover my body sexually I signed, so many ‘what ifs’ and regrets before the actual act.
          These are my thoughts after my dear friend Tola has convinced me to have one night stand with her soon to be ex boyfriend Kunle and today is the D-day! It’s a Friday and the time is 5p.m and kunle is due to be here by 6p.m, Tola has been out since morning but promised to be back by 4.30pm but it’s 5p.m now and I’m beginning to get nervous, “maybe she’s having second thoughts or changed her mind” I said aloud to myself then I heard the sound of a car driving into the compound, I ran to the window my heart beating faster than the normal rate and looked out, it is my friend driving in indeed, my heart did a somersault as I watched her get out of her car.
          I went back to my seat and try to pretend I was cool, three minutes later my friend entered. ‘What’s up girl? Sorry I’m late the traffic na die, hope you are set for a sexual breakthrough?’ she said, I was relieved that she hasn’t changed her mind I was also worried that she still want to go through with her insane idea’ I’m as ready as I can be’ I told her, ‘Don’t worry, Dr. kunle will soon be here to help you out of your misery’ she said.
          Oh sorry, I forgot to mention to you that kunle is a medical doctor, maybe that’s why Tola has so much faith in him, ’Girlfriend lets go get you ready for our guest’ said Tola ‘Ready ke, how again?’ I asked’ ‘Common Joke,go bath jor, put on a sinful dress and little make up jare’ replied Joke, ’Is all that necessary ,maybe we should just….’ Joke cut me off immediately ‘don’t even voice out what you are about to say! Not after all the hard work I put into convincing you and kunle to agree to this, you can’t change your mind now, too late chick, abeg go get ready, the guy will be here in less than an hour’ Joke lectured me! ’Yes madam’ I marched off to my room.
          I was adding gloss to my lips when I heard the doorbell rang, my heart flustered and my courage left me. I ran to my bed and pull the duvet over my head. Ten minutes later the door to my room burst open and I heard steps coming towards me ‘Oh meen, here comes kunle, what am I going to do’. I felt the duvet coming off me, I cracked open my right eye and I saw my dear friend looking at me with a gentle and understanding smile ‘Adejoke, I know what you are about to do is very unlike you and I can understand how hard this is for you kunle being my bf, but I want you to know that I’m doing this from the bottom of my heart because you’re my best friend and I want you to fell like a real woman, but if you want to pull out now, I’ll understand..’ Tola said. Tears sprang to my eyes as I realize my friend truly cares for me ‘No sweetheart, I’m not backing down now, thanks for loving me so, let’s go see to the doc.’ I said, we hugged each other hard and we walked out of my room holding each other’s hands.
         Kunle sat down on the couch, his left leg crossed over his right leg and his hands in his laps, he stood up when he saw us and smiled at both of us, ’Hi kunle’ I whispered ‘Hello Joke, how are you? Nervous as I’m?’ he asked, I smiled ‘Yes maybe more’ I replied, ‘That’s enough both of you, kunle here says he has something to tell us before …….’She winked at me not finishing her sentence, ’ok’ I said,
          So kunle began his eyes opening lecture, ‘Joke, I’ll like to ask you some questions’, ‘No problem’ I said, ‘Were you circumcised?’ He asked, ‘Yes I was’ I answered, ‘Hmmm, I thought as much. You see, it’s hard for a circumcised woman to reach orgasm because the clitoris, which is the powerhouse of every woman, has been cut off. Some girls are lucky part of their clitoris are cut off, but some that are not so lucky get everything cut off, in these case, it’s very hard for them to reach climax unless they found a lover who’s extremely patient, caring, loving and knowledgeable about the anatomy of the woman body. I think your case is a severe case of circumcision but I know a few tricks to help you if you still want to…? He finished, I signed deeply and rest my head against the back of the sofa looking up. ’Joke, this is your last chance to get out’ I said to myself but I said to kunle and Tola ‘I want to..’ we all kept quiet for thirty seconds and then Tola broke the silence, ‘Ok guys, I’ve got to go somewhere, I don’t think I’ll be back tonight’ she picked up her bag and came over to hug me and she said into my ears, ’Be naughty and have fun darling’ we both giggled. She went over to kunle and hugged him too, I could just imagine what she must have said into his ears because kunle said ‘I’ll do my best’ and winked at me, I shivered. Tola left us and vanished.
           ‘So, what can I offer you’ I asked kunle, ‘I’ll like whiskey and I’ll suggest you have some yourself’ ‘Is that your recommendation doctor?’ ‘Yes dear patient’ I smiled and left for our small bar. I could feel the tension leaving my body because kunle is actually easy to talk with, I poured some whiskey for him and some for myself too, I gave him his and went to the fridge and brought out a pack of ice, I dropped it on the table, taking four cubes four my drink, kunle took four for his too. I sat down opposite him staring into my drinks but I could feel his eyes burn into me, ’oh my, what am I suppose to do, should I say something, oh darm, where are all my flirting skills, my courageous act, my daring and adventurous heart, why hath thou forsake me now?’ these were my thoughts when I heard my name ‘Joke, the time to change your mind is past if that’s what you are thinking about, drink up, we’ve got some findings to do, where would you like to start?’ kunle said smiling and looking serious at the same time.
          I wanted to say something but my mouth was dry so I drank my whiskey gulping half of the content in my cup, ‘So is there any part of foreplay you enjoy?’ he enquired ‘Yes actually. I like my ear, throat, lips and breast being licked and sucked’ I said finding some of my lost courage, ‘ok, good, have you ever been sucked down there?’ ‘Yes but I don’t like it’ I said’. ‘Why, If I may ask?’ ‘Well, I just don’t like it because it doesn’t make me feel anything, sometimes I do feel this unexplainable sensation then it drops and makes me feel frustrated, so that’s the reason I don’t like it’? I explained…’Alright, seems your boyfriends have not been doing a good job, I’ve all my facts now, let’s get to the business of the day’ kunle said as he drew me up from the sofa; swallowed the rest of my drink not taking my eyes off him. I dropped my cup on the table and watch as he advance on my lips with calculated slowness…[to be continued]
In Part 2 of Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I):
We’ve learnt?
Joke has agreed to go along with the plan. Even with her doubts.
Would kunle live up to the hype?
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Story written by Olatorera
Edited by Eddiong Eton
Special thanks to Effiong, who saw the talent in Ola and decided to develop it…culled from his blog

Here a bit of what to expect from part 3:
… I dropped my cup on the table and watch as he advance on my lips with calculated slowness. Oh oh, I thought you were suppose to close your eyes when kissing, but I couldn’t close mine, I had my eyes locked on his and his on mine. I watched as he lick and suckle on my lips, oh my, this guy can surely kiss unlike some guys who just stick there tongue in your mouth kunle was gentle on my lips, he treated it like a strawberry, using his lips, teeth and tongue, I was just standing there looking at him and feeling the kiss he was give me, to my horror kunle stop kissing me! ‘wh-why did you stop?
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Watch out for Part 3 of Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I.)


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