PHOTOS: Spanish Man Kidnapped By His Nigerian Lover

The Edo State Police Command has rescued a Spanish, Jose Anthonio Murili Turrillo who was kidnapped and held captive in a hotel room in Benin City since last Saturday by his Nigerian lover.
The victim was said to have been lured from Spain by 28 year-old , who was said to have been repatriated from Spain. Along with one Kenny Oyemwina, 25, they held the Spanish hostage and took all the money he had.

Briefing journalists on the case in Benin, the Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Folusho Adebanjo, said “investigation revealed that the female suspect is the Spanish lover who lured him from Spain to Nigeria and he was made to withdraw all the money he had in his account.

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“When the two suspects discovered that their victim had no money on him and in his account again, they forcefully asked him to call his sister in Spain to send €2000 to them before he will be allowed to go back to Spain.”
The sister of the victim however “reported to INTERPOL Spain who contacted the Nigeria INTERPOL who in turn contacted Edo State Command.”
According to the Police Commissioner, the two suspects have been arrested and would soon be prosecuted.
In another incident, two suspects, Iyen Osahon 19, and Esochuckwu Okorie, 22, have been nabbed by the police for raping a 16 year old girl in a hotel room after drugging her.
The victim whose name and identity was not revealed by the police for security reasons, however lives to tell the story.
The victim confessed to the police that she knew Osahon through Facebook, the same manner Cynthia Osokogu met her killers.
The suspects who were said have made confessional statements, would soon be charged to court.

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