PHOTO: Female UNN Student Found Dead In A Hotel In Lagos

PHOTO: Female UNN Student Found Dead In A Hotel In Lagos 1
Her name is Florence Ngwu and she is a 300L student of University of Nigeria Nsukka. Nobody knows who took her to the hotel or what her mission was but Hotel staffs knew she was lodged in the hotel and  found her lifeless body on the floor..
We ladies need to be very careful about people we call our friends and boyfriends. Remember Cynthia Osokogu, the lady that was killed by her facebook friends in a hotel (Cosmilla Hotel) in Festac Lagos! (Read stories about her HERE
A picture of Florence lifeless body when you continue;
UPDATE! – This Picture is from the movie ”murder at prime suites” MAPS!

PHOTO: Female UNN Student Found Dead In A Hotel In Lagos 2

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  1. We ladies are always on d run to meet up with d trend of fashion, ie. to b nicknamed BIG GIRL. All these big girlism doesn't work. Know ur man/boy and girl friends. Bring them home, let ur people know whom they are. It will save us all these untimely death.

  2. GOD not again..why won't our girls cool down and study..dis days every girl wants 2 own a car and fat acct b4 graduation.. See whr it has landed her now may God 4give in peace

  3. It's quite a pity!but ladies shuld be very careful.things happen ev'ryday but still deaf ones are d victims!Dis shuld be a deterrent 2 others.r

  4. Oh wat a sad story again,we girls should pls try nd learn to forget about runs nd always tell a close friend our whereabout. May her gentle soul rest in peace. Amen oh

  5. Wy do all of u keep saying runs runs runs mst Smwon b a runs girl before u Cn die or are u trying to say dat if ur siesta travels to smwer,loge in a hotel nd unfortunately dies den she's a runs girl? Common nigerians shld atop saying nonsense nd face reality of d fact dat one fin would surely kill a man nd it could be u or ur sista death is innevitable

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