How Were They Able To Build This House Upside Down?

A picture rotated 180 degrees shows visitors walking inside an
THINK your life is upside down? Come and see what real upside down feels like.
I’ve been looking at this house for some hours and still don’t understand what the heck happened there. How were they able to defy gravity?
At first glance, it looks like the occupants in this home are stuck to the ceiling. But amazingly the house was built this way as a tourist attraction at the VVTs the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. As well as its impressive exterior the house is fully furnished with decor, belongings and even a Mini – all painstakingly installed upside down..
My biggest question remains; how were they able to park that car like that?
Peep more pictures when you continue

At first glance, this house looks like it's been uprooted by a mighty tornado and planted on its roof, but amazingly it was built this way

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The house is a Russian tourist attraction at the VVTs the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow
A child's bedroom has a scattering of belongings including a parrot in an upside cage
Once inside, visitors stare up in wonder at a bathroom with fittings all hanging from the ceiling and marvel at a gravity-defying garage that features a real Mini
The attraction is understood to be the first of its kind in Russia and has proved to be a big draw at the exhibition
A picture rotated 180 degrees shows a visitor standing inside an "upside-down house"

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