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A Zambian man’s photos of his car protected with diabolical drawings has gone viral on Facebook.

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Simon Mulenga shared the photos below on his Facebook wall and Some people called him out for not believing in God, others simply agreed with him and praised his quick thinking. He shared the photos with the caption below:

Last night my car developed a fault and could not move.. My Komboni is full of petty thieves.. I knew I will find my car without tyres and side mirrors.. Being the smart guy I am.. I just had to use “African Anti Theft Method”.. This morning I found my car very intact.. Not even a fly or mosquito touched it.. ????? ‪#‎Umuntu‬ ni Thinking ??

Peep more photos when you continue…

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Lol, wondering why he resorted to this means to secure his car? Well, the dude has come a long way and he never believed in his wildest dreams that he’ll own a car. Read his story below


When my colleagues and I were told by Mr. Talimi that we shall not be accepted back at Matero Boys Secondary School in grade 10 due to bad behaviour (Beer Drinking). I just gave up on school and never thought I would be anything in life. Grade 9 results were published I made it with good grades and went to plead with the Headmaster but he refused and said I was bad influence. He gave me an acceptance letter for Munali Boys Secondary School… I reported at Munali Boys and the school was ugly and there was no order at that school. Our teachers never came to class and most pupils spent time at the school grounds, Kaunda Square and the Bus Station…. 

Munali just gave me every reason to hate school and I just gave up.. I never attended class and mostly spent my days of high school doing “BALANCING” (going in a ka video ku market and keeping my money) and gumbling in awkward places such as Independence hill and Chingwele grave yard.

I sat for my grade 12 exams and when the grade 12 result were published, I knew I was not going to pass but a miracle happened and I passed with very good results. I applied to further my education at the University of Zambia, unfortunately I wasn’t admitted and this was when all hope was lost.

I started working as a bus conductor, taking women ku Soweto market to order vegetables and chickens very early around 03hours-04hours… Life became pointless and all I did was drink and smoke. Mum (my mentor) told me to reapply at UNZA in the school of Education. I reapplied and quit working as conductor..

PHOTO OF THE DAY + Read This Man's Inspiring Story 6

I then started working as a commission agent distributing airtime with my big brother Elasto Mweemba.. This did not make sense as we would walk from matero to town and wake up early only to get paid K250 so I quit!.. Then my best friend Jones and I then opened our ka ntemba at his house to make ends meet..

We would wake up early to order bread and other things.. Walking from Chingwele to Matero Market daily just to get bread that gave us a profit of K5. Again mum said I wasn’t destined for such.. I should apply in Government as a Registry Clerk.. I felt lazy because I was enjoying the money Jones and I would make.. At least I could get “good” girls from Matero and would buy a lot of Chibuku Shake Shake for my boys who gave me lots of respect as a buyer..

I felt I had arrived and wondered why mum would be hating on my ‘success’ and make noise that I should do better… Anyways, I gave it a shot and applied for the job… I continued in our shop and my ‘sweet’ life continued in the Komboni. Then I sat down and started thinking.. I knew God had good plans for me.. I started drawing closer to God and I used to move with a rosary in my neck praying and hoping for the BEST!!!!!!..

In 2011, God blessed me TWICE at ONCE. I got the job and I was accepted at UNZA. I was stuck in the middle. Work or School?. But I sat down and reflected.. I made a decision that I will never regret.. I chose work over school..

Most people especially members of the family were shocked.. But they had no idea of what I had in mind. I knew that once I get the job, I can use my salary to take myself to school. Most people thought this was not possible as work is sweet… At the age of 19 I started work and started handling good cash.. Things changed and I started feeling large and I was almost forgetting school..

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Thought I had arrived and made it BIG (big buyer wama Castle na Mosi from Shake Shake).. Again, my mentor (mum) said ‘Mulenga ubwekele ku school.. Kuti wa wamila ukuba ka young lawyer’… I then started planning on how to go back to school.. I was a drunkard n’ heavy smoker and I had upgraded from Chibuku Shake Shake to Castle Lite.

With the newly acquired “wealth” and “good life” school meant nothing to me.. I then got back to my senses and reflected.. I thought and prayed to my God for guidance. I felt I was betraying God, mum and my dreams because when I was suffering too much I prayed that God blesses me and I will Bless my family and be a better person.. I reflected deeply and I made a tough decision. I promised God and ‘myself’, that I will NEVER TAKE Alcholic Beverages because that was really hindering me from progressing (am not saying beer is bad.. Its good if you take it wisely.).

Beer was just hindering me from thinking straight! The time one wastes on drinking and getting sober is a lot and can be used to do better things and plan a lot with it.. Quitting drinking was the beginning of a new me! It a lifetime decision I never regret making… I went back to school and chased my dream of becoming a lawyer.. I enrolled for my Bachelor of Laws and what started as a joke is turning into a reality.. I only have a semester to go before I have my law degree and next year I will be going to ZIALE to obtain my practising license.. I know ZIALE is not for babies but if you know what you want in life and God is on your side nothing is impossible.. I shall go and clear…. Others have done it.. I will do it too..

6 years ago… If one of those prophets with white pointed shoes and a shinny grey suit with go-black and blue magic in the hair came to me and said I will be something in life.. I would laugh and chase that ‘fake’ prophet After all I have gone through with life.. I have realized that life is a journey.. We hold the keys to our destiny and you can be what you want if you set your mind right.. I know there are people younger than me that have made it larger than me but I never compare or hate on their progress.. I just give them respect and wish them well..

The best competitor you have is yourself.. Stop comparing yourself with others because we have different distinations and our opportunities are different. “Mango taipila pamo’’.. Even pop corn never pops together yet those tuma corn are from the same cob of maize and put in the same pot with the same cooking oil and same temperature.. Run your own race and be better than you were a few years back..

I think from that Chibuku Shake Shake drinking boy to what I am today, I feel have run a fair race against myself and more is yet to come!. I thank God always for all He keeps doing for me.. It’s never too late to change your negative attitude to something positive.. Don’t let the kind of family you are born into define what you will become tomorrow..

Define your goals and dreams, and work towards achieving that.. I would have been a bus conductor or bus driver had I got too comfortable in that position 6 years ago.. Never be too comfortable in any situation you are in.. Work to achieve more and plan to be large like Dangote and other prominent people of this country and the world at large.. Crave for the BEST!.

Even after I become a lawyer I won’t be comfortable and stop chasing great things in life.. My dream and vision is to rule this Country at some point and make it a better place for all of us.. In this journey called LIFE, you must be good to people, stay humble and thankful for what you achieve, and above all Pray to God always! Speak to your God because he is a listening God.. *Lesa talekelesha abakwe* ..

My family and friends have been so supportive in helping me achieve my dreams.. Am thankful to all of you.. My mother is my mentor and role model.. She is the reason I work hard.. My source of inspiration and hardwork.. I always pray that the Good Lord adds more years to her life so that she enjoys the fruits of her womb.. *eko tufumine ekutali.. Eko tuleya ekwipi* ‪#‎Destined_For_Greatness‬ ‪#‎Change_your_mindset‬!

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