White Woman Who Harassed Two Black Women “I’m White And I’m Hot,” Turns Herself In To Police

White Woman Who Harassed Two Black Women "I'm White And I'm Hot," Turns Herself In To Police 1

A white North Carolina woman identified as Susan Westwood, 51 was recorded on video harassing two black women, telling the women “I’m white and I’m hot” while bragging about her salary, as she waits for AAA to arrive in the parking lot for the Camden Fairview Apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the recorded on video, was heard Westwood making racist remarks in an apparent drunken rant aimed at Leisa Garris and her sister, Chele Garris.

“Hi, how are you? I’m hot. I’m beautiful. I’m 51. What are we going to talk about tonight? Being hot? Being beautiful? Being white? Being, my new weave. I’m still going to make $125,000 Monday morning. Who are you, do you live here?”

She said to the women before asking whether their “baby daddy” was with them.

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She later referred to having a concealed weapon and threatened to take it out, but it’s unclear whether she was actually in possession of a weapon.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Westwood called 911 falsely and claimed that the two black women were trying to break into residences.

“Folks that are trying to break into apartments, they’re actually people that I’ve never see here before but they are African-American,” Westwood said on the 911 call. “They’re trying to cause a problem.”

Due to Westwood’s behavior, the Garris sisters also called 911 to report the harassment. Police arrived at the scene, but were unable to locate Westwood, and issued a warrant for her arrest on Oct. 30.

“She assaulted us both. So there should be charges,” said Mary Garris when she spoke with ABC News on Saturday. “We want to bring justice. We want to bring awareness to the community. People are being judged for the color of their skin.”

“It’s been an eye-opener,” continued Garris. “This happened only because we were standing out and waiting for AAA. This is alarming and upsetting.”

After the video went viral, Westwood lost her job at Charter Communications, which issued a statement saying;

“The incident recorded in Charlotte is a blatant violation of Charter’s code of conduct and clearly disregards the company’s commitment to inclusion and respectful behavior.”

A warrant was issued for her arrest, according to WCNC. After Westwood was charged, police said they couldn’t arrest her because they couldn’t find her.

Susan Westwood turned herself into police, according to NBC News affiliate WCNC of Charlotte., turned herself into the Sunset Beach Police Department on Saturday. She was transferred to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department, where she was served with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for misuse of the 911 system, in addition to four criminal summons, according to WCNC.

An officer at the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to NBC News that Westwood had been in custody but had been released. He was unable to provide any additional details.

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