Inside The Now Famous ‘Cold Room’ Where UNILAG Lecturers Molest Female Students [Video]

During the investigation, BBC journalists found out that UNILAG lecturers usually take students to a place known as the Cold Room to molest the students.

Following the revelation in the ‘Sex for Grade’ documentary video released by BBC Africa Eye, the ‘Cold Room’ has been busted as a place where University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturers uses to sexually harass female students.

BBC reporter, Kiki Mordi and her team went undercover, speaking to lecturers and students in UNILAG, while arming themselves with body or spy cameras.

During the investigation, the journalists found out that lecturers usually take students to a place known as the Cold Room to molest the students.

A picture of Unilag Staff Quarters/Cold Room, a place with blacked-out windows and disco lights.

The ‘Cold Room’ was mentioned by a lecturer of the school, Boniface Igbeneghu, who was caught on video sexually harassing an undercover journalist who posed as an admission seeker.

Mr. Igbeneghu described the secret room as a place where lecturers meet to “touch students’ breasts” at the staff club of the university.

“There is the upper part of the staff club where lecturers romance students. They take girls there, touch their breasts and body. They call it Cold Room…,” Boniface shared without flinching.

He then explained that female students must pay to have good grades, saying “nothing good comes free” and the ‘cold room’ experience is the price some female students have to pay to have good grades.

Also, from the secret camera worn by the journalist Kiki Mordi, a lecturer from the economics department identified as Dr. Samuel Oladipo lured Mordi to the cold room thinking she was a student.

Dr. Oladipo approached Kiki Mordi at the university campus and made sexual advances towards her with the promise of helping her with her studies. He then preceded with her to the ‘Cold Room’ where he touched her breast.

While in the secret room filled with female students, Mordi was asked to dance by Dr. Oladipo and many of the lecturers who were in the room.

A view of the cold room and the activities that take place there was shown in the video.

Watch the video below, to see cold room watch from 37:54:

Meanwhile, the ‘Cold Room’ has now been shut down in the wake of the investigations by UNILAG management and the two lecturers – Boniface Igbeneghu and Samuel Oladipo – involved in the sex-for-grade scandal have been suspended.

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