British Columnist, Katie Hopkins Mocks Nigeria Over Balogun Market Fire Incident [Video]

Hopkins mocks Nigeria over a viral video of a supposed Nigerian fireman seen trying to put off fire at Balogun Market with a piece of bowl.

Popular British columnist, Katie Hopkins has mocked Nigeria over the fire incident in Balogun market that saw a security guard using a bucket to scoop water and try to quench the fire with it.

Katie Hopkins took to her Twitter page to post a video of a man purported to a member of the Lagos Fire Service (but who is actually not) attempting to quench the huge balls of fire at the Balogun market with flimsy buckets of water.

While many people applauded the man’s bravery, Hopkins who is famous for being racist, took to the opportunity to mock Nigeria and big up British firefighters, saying: ‘Next time you want to criticize our fantastic British firefighters, be glad you aren’t Nigeria.’

KanyidDaily had reported about the fire incident which razed down two of the biggest shopping plazas in Balogun Market and claimed the life of a policeman.

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