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Joe Igbokwe Reveals How Tinubu Made Many Igbos Multi-Billionaires In Lagos



Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Drainage and Water Resources, Joe Igbokwe has revealed how the National Leader of All Progressives Party (APC), Bola Tinubu, made many Igbo people multi-billionaires in Lagos.

Joe Igbokwe Reveals How Tinubu Made Many Igbos Multi-Billionaires In Lagos

The revelation was contained in a post shared on his Facebook page, ‘How Asiwaju BAT created many Igbo billionaires in Lekki Corridor Lagos’.

Joe Igbokwe wrote: “In those days LEKKI Corridor was begging for attention. Nobody saw the potentials of that investment hub. Nobody thought LEKKI will be what it is today.

“ASIWAJU saw the real potentials and began to speak to some people to take a look at that side of Lagos and invest there for tomorrow.

“ASIWAJU spoke to some of his Igbo friends in Lagos and told them that LEKKI will be the new Lagos anytime soon. He told them: “If you have the money go and buy property there and you will not regret it”.

“ASIWAJU knows what he is talking about because he, himself has been a real estate guru for years. Those Igbo boys and other Nigerians who took his advice are smiling big time today.

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“They are big-time multi-billionaires and their property keeps appreciating everyday. ASIWAJU BAT sees tomorrow.

“He sees what others cannot see. He plans ahead, he sows the seed. He keeps his friends and his head when others are losing theirs; he loves humanity.

“He creates and build leaders everyday. He hunts for talents with passion and grace. He loves other Nigerians. He loves Nigeria.”

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