Tonto Dike’s Ignorance!

Tonto Dike's Ignorance! 1

Sultry actress Tonto Dike whose rising profile in recent times is the envy of many actresses recently gave close watchers and fans alike reasons to doubt her sense of reasoning.
She made mockery of herself when recently renouned Nollywood movie producer opened his twitter account and a host of actors and actresses began to acknowledge him on the social networking site..but surprisingly the hot in demand actress shot herself in the foot when she tweeted thus “who is he? Please identify your line of work?
But she got a more mature reply from Tade Ogidan who replied thus “You can ask your other colleagues in the industry who are better informed”
For an actress of her caliber that has featured in countless movies and has met with scores of movie directors and producers not to have heard the name Tade Ogidan shows the level of her ignorance.

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