Welcome To Fake Nollywood Asses!!!!!!

Welcome To Fake Nollywood Asses!!!!!! 1

Welcome To Fake Nollywood Asses!!!!!! 2

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Why cant nollywood ever be real for once in their entire miserable lifetime….am not hating them ooo just saying my damn mind…Okay if you must steal oyibo bdy why not use photoshop and change the colour of the clothes or at least visible difference…SMH…Continue reading to see more pictures.

Welcome To Fake Nollywood Asses!!!!!! 3

Welcome To Fake Nollywood Asses!!!!!! 4

So e dey even hungry Mercy Johnson to turn to Nicky Minaj…Ole, Thief..Same hair but uglyyyyyy face……

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  1. ole people, so e dey hungry Omotola too to get flat tummy….she better go do lipo cause even gym no go help am…as for mercy johnson….n her dreams to get mickyminaj body and skin…she wan thief am????

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