Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown

Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown 1
23 year old aspiring music teacher WenXiu Yu from the People’s Republic of China won the 2012 Miss World competition which took place at the Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium in Ordos, China today.
This year, 116 beauties from all over the world congregated in China for the competition.
Miss Wales Sophie Moulds took the first runner-up spot while Australian beauty queen Jessica Kahawaty was the second runner-up.
Five Continental Queens of Beauty were chosen and they are South Sudan (Africa), Brazil (Americas), Asia & Pacific (China), Europe (Wales) and Caribbean (Jamaica).

Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown 2

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Damiete Charles-Granville
Nigeria’s representative Damiete Charles-Granville did well as she was chosen as one of the top 10 candidates in the Fashion Beauty/Beach Fashion contest.  Kenya’s  Shamin Nabil was among the top 15 finalists overall while South Sudan’s Atong Demach who was fourth overall was the top African queen at this year’s Miss World competition.
Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown 3

Miss World 2012 – The Crowning of the New Queen
Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown 4

Miss World 2012 winner Yu Wenxia of China waves as she stands next to second place contestent Miss Wales Sophie Moulds, left, and third place Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty
Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown 5

Miss World 2012 with Continental Queens
Congrats to the new Miss World! Big Congrats to Miss South Sudan Atong Demach. Atong was chosen as the “African Continental Queen of Beauty“. She also came fourth overall in the competition and won the “Top Model” prize.
Miss China WenXiu Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown 6
Read more about her below.
I would like to welcome all those who follow Miss World around the world and in particular my fans to the Miss World 2012 competition. My name is Atong Demach and I proudly represent South Sudan, a newly independent country in Africa (only a little less than a year old!). I am 23 years old, excited and honoured to represent my country for the first time at Miss World and proud to stand for Beauty with a Purpose – all of us who will compete stand for the values of humanity, the beauty and strength of women in our world.
I am from a town called Bor on the river Nile, am studying translation at university at Juba also on the river Nile, and aim to be involved in helping all needy children while I also hope to help work towards protecting our precious environment.
We hope you will enjoy following us on our journey and please support me on mine!”
Atong is in her final year at university studying translation. Her future ambition is to help children have a better future through improving their education and environment. Hobbies include singing, playing basketball and writing. Atong describes herself as a simple, loving and caring young woman.
Photo Credit: Miss World / Ed Jones for AFP/Getty Images

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