Five Ways To Delay Your Man’s Orgasm

photo - Five Ways To Delay His Orgasm
It takes men an average of five to six minutes to reach orgasm, while it takes women an average of 15 to 20 minutes. That’s called the ‘Orgasm Gap,’ and it’s an issue that almost all couples have to deal with at some point in their sex lives. Luckily, techniques exist to help overcome the problem.
1. Foreplay Before The Foreplay: We all know that women like a little foreplay to get them going, but how about kicking off the foreplay before you’re even touching? Get the sexual chemistry going early, so that by the time you’re having sex, it’s already been on your minds for so long that you’re both well on your way. Suggest something steamy and provocative while you’re still at work! Try sending each other some sexy photos before you meet!
2. Communication Is A Lubrication: If your guy is coming too fast, the worst thing you can do is get frustrated and turn away from him. While there are biological contributors to premature ejaculation, there are lots of psychological ones, too. Make sure your guy knows that you’re on his side and this is something you want to work on together. Just being able to trust each other and talk about what’s going on may be all you need.

3. A Little Help: Science has come a long way! There are various sprays and mixtures to help men last longer. Suggest trying those, so your guy could relax and have fun instead of just worrying about coming too soon.
4. It Takes Two: If the two of you can’t get your timing right, work on it together. Do some exploratory “research” by trying different things to see what might work better. Do you need to slow things down? Should you switch up your positions? If you’re invested in making things better, take some time to explore your options. Even the excitement of doing something new might change up your rhythm enough to slow things down and take it to another level.
5. Come prepared: In certain cases, masturbating before a date is a great way to warm-up before sex. It could be a great option to help them relax and take the edge off.
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