See The Names Of Nigerians To Be Executed In Indonesia Tonight

Fourteen people will be executed tonight in Indonesia and among them are 6 Nigerians. 
Already, 17 ambulances, more than 10 executorial attorneys, 168 special police have been assembled together to murder them and they claim they are faced with unfair trials.
Also 14 coffins were seen today being transported to the notorious island prison, Nusakambangan, where the executions will take place
The names of the Nigerians to be executed are:
(1). Eugene Ape
(2). Humprey Jefferson

(3). Obinna Nwajagu

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More names when you continue……

(4),. Micheal Titus

(5). Okonkwo Nonso Kingsly

(6).Ozias Sibanda

Sad……Meanwhile a clemency request was lodged against the death sentence against Humprey Jefferson. His lawyers claimed it’s illegal, and therefore should not be carried out.

Below from an Indonesian newspaper lbhmasyarakat:

Humprey Jefferson has suffered from unfair trials on his case.

First, his case is fabricated, and the person who set him up, Kelly, has admitted this. Before he died, Kelly admitted that he set up Humprey, and he asked for Humprey forgiveness. This moment was witnessed by seven people, and their testimonies has been submitted to the Supreme Court as part of evidence for judicial review. However, these testimonies were ignored by the Supreme Court because, according to them, it has no legal power

Second, the Central Jakarta District Court’s judgement that sentenced Humprey to death contains a racist consideration. As stated on the judgement, one of the considerations in sentencing Humprey to death is that “bearing in mind thath […] black people coming from Nigeria are often become police surveillance target.” Albeit the fact that many Nigerians are under police surveillance for illicit drug trafficking, it does not mean that all Nigerians are involved in illicit drug trafficking.

The decision to execute Humprey Jefferson in the near time despite the unfair trials that he had suffered and the fact thath he is still waiting for his clemency to be decided is a violation of law. It shows that the Attorney General’s Office does not obey the rule of law. It is important to note that if one of the justice pillars does not respect the law, what kind of law enforcement that will be developed?

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