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Soon, Haters Won’t Be Able To Hate In Instagram Comments Anymore



Imagine being famous and having millions of followers. Now, imagine that a significant percentage of those followers are only there to troll you.
Soon, Haters Won’t Be Able To Hate In Instagram Comments Anymore 5
Have you ever scrolled through a celebrity’s comments? People can be vicious to say the least. Since we can all stand to suffer less internet abuse, Instagram is working on a new comment filter that will stop mean comments from posting.
The new feature is only available for accounts with tons of followers (think: major celebrities) and will allow the user to ban certain keywords or disable commenting entirely.

Chrissy Teigen—who is no stranger to internet bullying—and Kylie Jenner will be some of the first to try out the new tool. Chrissy already began a collection of blacklisted words one of which includes, Trump.

Trolls have already begun spamming her comment section (see below). No word on whether other social media platforms will follow suit but in the mean time, am happy to report that the Instagram world will be a happier place when haters won’t be able to hate anymore. Judging by all the “Trump” comments, the filter isn’t enabled yet.
Soon, Haters Won’t Be Able To Hate In Instagram Comments Anymore 6

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Kylie tweeted that she is disabling comments because she is tired of “self promotion” from random followers. And “LB” (like back) will be one of her blacklisted words.