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Kylie Jenner Didn’t Know Cereal With Milk Was A Thing And People Are Freaking Out About Her Tweet

The hard truth that we all need to admit is the fact that the Kardashian sisters live a different kind of life from the rest of us. As if we all ain’t living on this same planet. because of the way they carry their selves. The truth is, they’re just like us, they just choose to put one leg in their trousers at a time.

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Last night, Kylie Jenner had cereal with milk for the first time in her life. She was happy about it that he had to tweet about which got people losing there mind over her new discovery.


She is 21 years now, was it that she wasn’t into milk as a kid? Or was it that Kris Jenner completely forgot to introduce her to cereal with milk as a kid? Then what has she been putting on her cereal all this while?

Her followers completely lost it after this tweet that she had to answer a few questions to set the record straight.

She revealed why it took her so long to know that cereal with milk is a thing. She usually preferred cereal with milk.

She answered a few other questions related to this tweet. which makes me wonder, What else is she unaware of? Her life would be much better if she starts learning about this little peanut combinations.

Although it could be possible that this is another Kardashians controversy to gain huge publicity. If this is another publicity, then mark my works – Kardashian cereal will be out soon.

Anyway, congratulation to Jenner on her new discovery. Now she knows what it means to have cereal with milk.

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