Omohtee: I Almost Commited Suicide After Undergoing N1.2 Million ‘Failed Bum Surgery’ By Dr Anu

Omohtee goes into details about all that went wrong with her body after spending 1.2 million Naira for cosmetic surgery at MedContour.

Popular socialite, Omotola Taiwo Temilade, popularly known as Omohtee, has narrated her painful experience after undergoing a botched cosmetic surgery carried out by Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo of MedContour Services Ltd, simply known as Dr Anu

In an exclusive interview BBC pidgin, the socialite revealed she paid the sum of N1.2 million to undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Liposuction surgery to make her tummy flat and “top up” her butt at MedContour.

However, she said that after the procedure, her body was a mess because surgery left her partially paralyzed as most parts of her body went numb.

“After the surgery, I started having complications. I started having belly burns, waist burns, waist numb, and after two months I started having fat necrosis.

“Fat necrosis is when liquid fat that has turned into dirt starts coming out. The thing will just come out like boil, e go come burst, start to dey comot the fat.


“Up till now, my waist is still numb. As I stand up like this, my body is not complete. One is bigger than the other.

“The wound wey she inflict on me still dey heal. I still dey go hospital Evey two two days interval. And to dress the wound, sometimes 7,000, sometimes 10, 000 it depends because sometimes I fit open the wound make another fat necrosis don dey beside the wound. Them go need do operation to bring that one out. Sometimes, maybe the wound don catch infection, them go need do swab. I go buy drug, I go buy this one.

“Money wey I don spend has run into millions, more than money wey I even use do the surgery from am. The wound, e dey my belle, e dey my butt, e dey plenty places for my body.”

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Omohtee recalled some moments when she had to be given a bath by her brothers because she couldn’t move and had all knives and sharp objects hidden from her because they sensed she became suicidal.

The 28-year-old socialite explained that they thought of killing herself usually comes when she constantly wonders who would marry her now that everyone is aware of her failed bum surgery.

Watch the video below:

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Meanwhile, KanyiDaily had reported five days ago that Dr Anu was arrested and charged to court by the Federal Government over alleged botched surgeries and murder.

One of the allegations against Dr Anu is that a failed cosmetic surgery done by her led to the death of one Mrs. Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo.

On several occasions, Dr Anu has been called out by clients who were not satisfied with her services. A few weeks ago, a lady identified as @BROWNIE_XX shared the story of a woman who approached the plastic surgeon for her services.

The lady shared the aftermath graphic video of a failed surgery on the woman’s boobs allegedly done by Dr Anu after spending N1.6 million.

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