Woman Accused Of Leaving Her Husband To Marry Pastor Shares Her Own Story [Video]

Tina Adeeyo, the woman who left her husband after 12 years of marriage, has cleared the air.

Tina Adeeyo, the woman accused of dumping her husband, Bright Ben, to marry the General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, Pastor Moses Adeeyo, has finally shared her own side of the story.

Woman Accused Of Leaving Her Husband To Marry Pastor Shares Her Own Story [Video]

KanyiDaily recalls that Bright Ben had taken to social media to call out Pastor Adeeyo for allegedly ‘snatching’ his wife and mother of his two kids, Tina.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, the man revealed that he was married to his wife for over 12-years with 2 kids, a girl and a boy, before introducing her to his pastor who made them ‘full financial members’ of his church.

According to him, trouble started after his wife was given an ‘appointment’ and she quietly moved out of the house with their two children before he got back from work.

Ben said he had been searching for his wife and even reached out to Pastor Adeeyo who at some point, stopped picking his phone calls and even blocked his line.

The man said that he later found out about his wife’s whereabouts on Sunday after seeing pictures of her wedding to Pastor Adeeyo, who claims he married her due to instructions from the Holy Spirit.

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Tina Adeeyo Shares Her Own Story

Reacting in series of videos on social media, Tina who was in tears explained what transpired in her previous marriage with Ben and why she married pastor Adeeyo.

Tina explained that she began suffering abuse and threats to her life from the moment she married Ben, but she endured because she wanted to give her marriage a fighting chance.

She explained that she ran back to her parent’s house in Port Harcourt multiple times, yet always went back to her husband.

The woman claimed Bright didn’t provide in the marriage and she always had to borrow to meet the family’s needs and to pay the kids’ school fees. She said she is neck-deep in debt because of the money her first husband made her borrow.

However, she said the borrowing wasn’t the issue but the abuse. She explained that her husband constantly threatened to kill her and silenced her family with money.

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She said he prevented her from working, prevented her from pursuing her music career, and also spoilt her name in the neighbourhood, thereby chasing everyone away from her.

Tina said anyone her husband saw around her, he accused of having an affair with her, including young boys who called her “Mummy” in the new church he moved them to. She explained they were attending Redeemed Church before he changed their church to World Bank Assembly.

She also said that he made her take an oath that she has never and will never be unfaithful to him and she obliged. She said she still has the recordings of the oath.

With time, she said her kids became scarred from watching her suffer abuse and her 4-year-old son would sometimes console her and promise to protect her.

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Tina Reveals Why She Married Pastor Adeeyo

Speaking on the reason she left their 12-year old marriage, Tina explained that Bright was the one who pushed her into leaving.

She said: “He looked at me one morning and said there is no marriage between us that I’m just in his house wasting his time. He chased me out of our room, that I’m a smelling thing.”

She added that he would sometimes starve her while he takes their kids with him to go and eat outside. As he stopped her from working, she couldn’t feed herself and neighbours had to provide food for her.

She said he once threatened to pour acid in her cream without her knowledge.

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Tina added that on the night before she left him for good, he had locked her in the house and held onto the key. When she told him she was tired and couldn’t continue with the marriage, she said he told her she should leave that she’s just the caretaker of the children and nothing more to him.

She said her children later found the spare key, gave her and told her “mummy, escape.”

She said that she moved back to her mother’s house after that and then came to Lagos where she started her life from scratch, working and squatting with people.

She added that at this point, Pastor Moses Adeeyo was not in the picture and had no hand in her leaving her husband as Bright claimed.

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Bright Ben Never Paid My Bride Price – Tina

She said that in April 2021, her kinsmen called a meeting where she spoke her mind and they were shocked at all she had been enduring.

She said they then decided to return the bride price but when they checked the ledger, they realized he didn’t pay any bride price.

She recounted how he had been told years ago, when they were getting married, that he had only bought the items on the list and had not paid bride price, but he ignored.

Tina said that she never lived with Pastor Moses and Bright can attest to it. She added that Bright is smearing the pastor’s name because he vowed to her that he will ensure no man marries her and any man that tries to marry her, he would destroy the man.

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Tina begged people to leave Pastor Moses alone and face her. She added that she left the marriage for her sanity, yet she is being demonised for it.

She said: “11 years of pain, 11 years of torture, 11 years of disgrace and humiliation…”

To the women sympathizing with him, she said: “As many young ladies who are desiring husband, Bright is free. I challenge you to go and marry Bright. If you’re able to live with him for 3 months, then you come back to me and shake my hand.”

She concluded the video, saying: “God gave me life and rescued me from the hand of a lion that want to devour me for 11 years. I ran but you guys feel I should remain there and die. If I had died, the same world will say why didn’t she run for her life?”

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KanyiDaily had reported how Pastor Olusegun Taiwo was exposed by his wife, Vicky, as he was secretly marrying another female pastor, Madam Wonder in Lagos.

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