What A Friend Wrote!!!

idiots will go to church like they did in the mosque on Friday praying
to God to change our foolish leaders heart. Foolish leaders will come to
church to rob their foolishness in our idiotic faces with police
escorts and convoys. The front seats will be reserved for them, our
useless pastors will preach to please them. Idiots return home to meet
darkness, tomorrow many will stay at home without job. The same circle
continues. Idiots rule by fools.
 Idiocy leads to lunacy. Nigerians are becoming lunatics… We elect the same foolish people expecting a very different outcome…that is idiocy turned madness. you celebrate 30mins of light after paying $30billion in 13yrs without result. You are send kids to private schs after paying billions to run govt schs. You buy a car and it lives in mechanic becos roads are bad, after paying billions to fix road. IDIOTS WAKE UP & CHASE THE FOOLS OUT.
 If Nigerians are not idiots ruled by fools, we will not be suffering and smiling with 32 teeths open, we will not celebrate looters, we will not defend a foolish govt. We will not complaint in our houses and fear to take the streets. We will not insults Bakare for saying the truth abt our idiocy. We are a nation of idiots, yes we are….
 Hmmm do i need  to add more? 
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