Listen To D’banj’s New Song Oyato

Listen To D'banj's New Song Oyato 1
The single released on Saturday July 14,
2012 had D’banj wishing people knew him better and maintaining that he
is he who is and cannot change. D’banj also resurrected the harmonica
which had been his trade-mark upon his entrance into the industry;
lending its sweet melody to the head-nodding ‘Oyato’. The artiste thanked his fans saying there would be no D’banj without their love and support.
“An artist without loyal supporters is
like a king without a crown; without them, there would be no D’banj and
of course, there would be no Oyato” he said.
“Oyato is my special dedication to my
fans who have stood by me through it all. Thank you for being there for
me. The only way I can truly repay them is to keep on making great music
that they will always enjoy and be proud of” he concluded.
Listen to the song HERE.

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