Controversy hits Hollywood as Zoe Saldana is dubbed ‘not dark-skinned enough’ to play Nina Simone

Singer Nina Simone in 1965Hot property: Zoe Saldana poses on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards at the beginning of the month


Since it emerged that the Dominican-Puerto Rican actress was to play jazz legend Nina Simone in eagerly anticipated biopic, Nina, they has been backlash about the colour of her skin. An article by The New York Times states that there has been a concerted attempt by certain members of the online community to have Zoe removed from the role, as they don’t believe her to be dark-skinned enough for the part.

There has also been disapproval from those who were closest to the late, iconic singer.

‘Appearance-wise this is not the best choice,’ she wrote.Nina’s daughter Simone Kelly has taken umbrage with the decision to cast Zoe, and has taken to her Facebook page to voice her concerns: Although Simone went on to say that she had no problem with the star’s acting ability, she admitted that she would like to see a darker-skinned actress such as Viola Davis or Kimberly Elise take the part and suggested that her mother would have wanted Whoopi Goldberg to play her.
Zoe, who is hot property in Hollywood at the moment, has seen her profile rise after starring in a string of blockbusters and dating the likes of Bradley Cooper. She is rumoured to be starring in the forthcoming Avatar sequel.

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