Is Pope Francis The Final Pope?

Is Pope Francis The Final Pope? 1

On March 13, 2013, Argentinain Jorge Bergoglio was elected as the successor of Benedict XVI. Assuming the title of “Francis I”; many have begun to speculate as to whether this man may be the final Pope whom Satan will incarnate after the Bride of Christ has been raptured. It is worth noting the predominance of the number 13 in the election of the new pontiff (the 13 day of March in the year of 2013), just as the golden image of Daniel 3: 1 was measured at 60 cubits in height and six cubits in breadth (666 is the number of the Beast).

Revelation 13 describes the rise of the Roman Beast and the rise of the American Beast that later spoke the same language as the Roman Beast when Catholicism took control of the White House via the election of the first Catholic President John Kennedy. The Beast is not just Rome or America, but is also a figurative term for the false prophet (the Pope) whom Satan will incarnate; when Satan incarnates him, then he will become the Beast. If you are not worshipping the Lamb (Lord Jesus Christ), then you are worshipping the Beast (Satan)….care for more? Continue HERE

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