Lil Wayne Is In ICU After Suffering More Seizures

Lil Wayne Is In ICU After Suffering More Seizures 1
Lil Wayne regularly suffers from seizures and on Tuesday night he was hospitalized after having a ton of seizures. Wayne was released on Wednesday, but he was back in the hospital that day after his bodyguard found him unconscious on the floor. Wayne was taken to the hospital again, but this time his condition was worse and they weren’t able to control the seizures. They put him in ICU and had to restrain him to a bed, because he kept shaking. They put him in an induced coma and he’s breathing through tubes.
The doctors found a whole lot of codeine in his system, so they think that Lil Wayne went wild and drank a pool full of Sizzurp when he got out of the hospital on Wednesday. There was so much Purple Drank in his body that they had to pump his stomach 3 times.

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