PHOTOS: See The Chinese Tomboy Heiress Living The Life

How the other half live: Pictures of wealthy Zhang Jiale's luxury lifestyle have gone viral after they were posted on China's answer to Twitter
Surrounded by beautiful young women, flying in private jets, and shopping for the top designer labels, pictures posted by Zhang Jiale on China’s answer to Twitter give a glimpse in to how the other half live.
And images of Jiale, said to be 22, living the high life have gone viral in her home country, prompting a wave of jealousy and outrage.
It may look like the playboy lifestyle but according to the website ChinaSmack, Jiale is actually the tomboy daughter of wealthy Sino Life insurance boss Zhang Jun…..peep more pictures of her.

Shop till you drop: Zhang Jiale is pictured surrounded by shopping bags from designer labels such as Gucci and Dior

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Hot wheels: A montage shot of Jiale pictured at the wheel of a top of the range sports car
Beauties: Many of the pictures posted feature Zhang Jiale out at parties or socialising with friends
First class: There's no such thing as flying economy class for Zhang Jiale, who is pictured here relaxing in first class on a flight
Luxury: Zhang Jiale is pictured at the helm of an expensive super yacht
Jet setter: Zhang Jiale is pictured boarding a private jet with a unnamed friend
Zhang Jiale

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