Picture Of 7 Year Old Schoolgirl, Who Fell 11 Storeys To Her Death After Falling From A Block Of Flats While Her Mother’s Back Was Turned

Nawaal Sayid preview
This is the first picture of the ‘bubbly’ seven-year-old girl who fell 120ft to her death from a tower block while her mother’s back was turned.
Nawaal Sayid, who lived on the 11th floor of the block of flats with her mother and two other children, suffered multiple injuries after falling from the balcony of the flat. She was rushed to hospital by ambulance in a critical condition after suffering from a cardiac arrest, but she sadly died shortly afterwards. 

Nawaal Sayid a seven year old girl fell to her death from the eleventh floor of Emberton Court

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Nawaal Sayid a seven year old girl fell to her death from the eleventh floor of Emberton Court in Finsbury

Her headteacher, Dr Penny Barratt, said everyone at her school had been devastated to hear of the accident in Finsbury, North London.
She said in a letter to parents : ‘Nawaal Sayid, one of our pupils at the primary site, had a tragic accident and subsequently died.’
Dr Barratt, headteacher at The Bridge School in King’s Cross, added: ‘Nawaal was an extremely happy, bubbly, fun-loving girl who really enjoyed all the activities she got involved in at school.
Another tribute left at the scene describes the seven-year-old as a n angel
‘She brought a smile to the faces of all who came into contact with her. We will really miss her.’
Nawaal, a Somali girl who suffered from learning difficulties, is believed to have fallen from the balcony of her 11th floor flat when her mother, Deeqa Mohammed, went to answer the door to a caller.
Nawaal fell at 6.45pm on Tuesday. She died at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.
Tribute: Friends of the little girl left heartfelt tributes outside the block of flats today

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