Tonto Dikeh and her Housemaid – The True Nollywood Story

Tonto Dikeh and her Housemaid - The True Nollywood Story 1Tonto Dikeh and her Housemaid - The True Nollywood Story 2


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Am sure all Naija celebs have house helps and other people who help them manage their homes, do chores from cooking to cleaning, personal massages and a whole lot of other activities. Unfortunately, some people treat their maids badly, talk to them in rude manners and treat them as if they are lesser beings!
Tonto had a day out with her maid Onyinye and from the pictures, you’ll see they’re clearly having fun…. after-all it’s not easy for Madam, oga and house girl to sip from a huge cocktail glass together…Emmm read this guy’s article below, peep a photo when you continue and tell us if you agree with him!
 Lanre Odutola‘s opinion on Tonto Dike and her maid

To most of us, Tonto Dikeh is the very fantastic and talented actress (a bit unsure as I’ve  never watched her in a movie, except when she fell off stage, which in my opinion, deserved an Oscar nomination at least), and to a very few, Tonto is known to be the sad disturbed single Nollywood actress who lives in her mansion with her litter of dogs…and just recently, a housemaid too.

For celebrities with large follower-ship on social media, everything they share almost always has a motive, and is well orchestrated to wet the appetite of their fans. Tonto Dikeh recently took her maid out for a treat, which shouldn’t be an issue except that it confirms that:
-She is sweet and caring
-She is lonely and has no friends
-Or she is gay and in a relationship with her housemaid

Out of the listed possible reasons, it is fair to say that the third is a bit more eye-catching, and maybe TRUE.

Below is a photo of Tonto Dikeh caressing the pure bosoms of her maid in public, and admittedly got the poor girl tipsy.

Tonto Dikeh and her Housemaid - The True Nollywood Story 3
After further investigation, her ‘Bling Bling’ BF was the person behind the camera after all. Lol..
Tonto Dikeh and her Housemaid - The True Nollywood Story 4


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  1. Lanre odutola,shld pls go and take several back seats.why cnt dey stop hating on d poor actress,she cnt seem to do anytin right.avrytin she does,is always bn misunderstood.biko what is wrong in taking in her taking her maid out,for a good time?I sense jealousy and bitterness ere,mr lanre,ure a Fool,in capital letter F..I dont insult pple,but today,I will.he should go and get a life,and try to own a mansion like tonto dike…atleast she is rich..thank God he acknowledged that..stupid man,or boy..wateva

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