North Will Continue To Rule Nigeria Until Yorubas Stop Worshipping Idol – Oluwo

Oluwo claims that political power resides in the North because their leaders detested idol worshiping.

Oluwo of Iwoland said the North will continue to rule Nigeria because they detest idol-worshipping, unlike Yoruba people.

North Will Continue To Rule Nigeria Until Yorubas Stop Worshipping Idol – Oluwo

The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba AbdurRasheed Adewale Akanbi, insisted that the only way power will shift to Yorubaland is for people of the region to stop worshiping idols and deities.

The monarch stated this in a viral video while addressing Christians during the Iwo crusade total deliverance at the Prayer Centre Church of God (PCCG) in Osun State.

Oba Akanbi advised Yoruba people to stop worshiping idols if they want to progress, adding that Nigeria would remain backward and traditional rulers will not know peace if they don’t dump idols and deities.

Quoting from Psalms 16 verse 4, he said, “Who is Sango, Oya, Ogun, Osun and others before God that is the supreme being that all these deities worshipped.

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“Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after other gods: their drink offerings of blood will I not offer, nor take up their names into my lips.

“If the kings refuse to dump idols and deities they will not know rest. Our forefathers who reigned as kings throughout the Yorubaland misled everybody, they were wrong. The position of king doesn’t have any connection with deities. The position should not have any meeting point with deities and idols.

“All those who have been kings in Yoruba kingdom… The pastors, prophets, Reverends especially Prophet Ogunmodede I want to tell you that you are all doing great work. The voice of God has manifested that in Yorubaland, if the kings refuse to dump idols and deities, it will not know rest. The trouble you are all facing now, Yoruba kings are responsible for them all.

“God is the king, that means the palace where the king lives should be what? The only enemy and rival of God in that palace are the deities or idols that stay in the palace with the king. I know you are all from different towns. The leaders, the heads of towns who give orders and directives now harbour idols or deities in the palaces that is originally owned by God, what will be the outcome, won’t they be fighting?

“That means the place of authority of your towns, there is a trouble. What do you think will be the resultant effect on the subjects? You are in trouble already! Don’t berate my stand on this issue, but you need to yield to my counsel.

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“Idol must not be in kings palaces! Go and tell the kings. You married man with a wife and your wife brought another man to the house, how would you react? That is what the kings in the Yoruba land are doing to God. Yet, they are looking for God’s blessings. God is here to clear away all idols from the land. What you all need to do is that you are competing to take out idols away from the land. Make sure idols perish in the land with the help of the pastors.”

Oluwo said Yoruba monarchs made lots of.mistakes in the past, saying they were killing twins before Mary Slessor stopped the practice.

He added that worshiping idols would keep the people perpetually poor and they would continue to struggle to make ends meet. He, however, clarified that he was not cursing the people but admonishing them to shun practices making God to be angry with the land.

“My words are like a diamond in the dart. I am telling you the bad thing first. Idols are troubling Yorubaland, before the power can shift to Yorubaland we have to stop idol worshipping.

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“Do you know where the power of Nigeria is today? It is the North because they detest idol worshipping. They made the foundation of those thrones to be God, you cannot see idols around them.

“Idol worshiping is a strange religion in Yorubaland. God pronounced that we should worship only him when he instructed Adam in the Garden of Eden.

”I cannot be the king and be the assistant of idols. I have authority over deities. It will not be well with deities and idols. They are ruined. Stop visiting shrines. This is the reason why Iwo is progressing. It shall not be well with all the idol worshippers. They are ruined. Stop visiting shrines,” he added.

KanyiDaily had also reported that Oluwo of Iwo recently raised an alarm on the presence of some Indian nationals in Nigeria allegedly moving around to purchase human parts.

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