The Hidden Tale of the Dont Tread On Me Flags

The Gadsden flag, which numerous demonstrators flew at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, features a clean and visual design: a coiled rattlesnake on a yellow background with the phrase ”Dont Tread On Me”.

dont tread on me flags

Because of the words, the Gadsden flags are also called the dont tread on me flags. The image of a coiled rattlesnake conceals a message, which has both current and as well as historical significance.

What was the Dont Tread on Me flag used for?

The flag was named after Christopher Gadsden, a prominent politician who designed it during the American Revolution in the year 1775. It has recently been utilized by the tea party movement and has also been flown on various occasions by paramilitary groups.

However, in a broader sense, it has also been adopted to symbolize the United States Marine Forces, the United States Navy, the United States men’s professional soccer team, and a Professional Soccer club.

Flags with symbols are particularly intriguing since they carry great significance for individuals who fly them. People frequently use-flags not for what is openly exhibited but for what the user feels it symbolizes for them personally. The message of the flag depends upon the person who is flying it and can carry a number of different meanings.

The Origin of a Legend
The history of the flag is unknown. It appears to have started with a modest picture accompanied by a 1754 essay by Benjamin Franklin, twenty years before American independence. The artwork, which Franklin himself perhaps designed, depicts the American colonies as sections of a split serpent with the words ”Join or Die”.

The article that followed discussed the most pressing issue confronting British colonists in North America at the time: the threat posed by the French and their Native American allies. Eventually, as the Great Awakening of the American Revolution unfolded, the image took on new meaning.

Settlers flew numerous flags, including the one representing rattlesnakes, a unique American reptile thought to attack solely in self-defense. The flag that was previously referred to as the ”First Navy Jack” flag included 13 red and white stripes, as well as a timber rattlesnake with 13 rattles, over the inscription ”Dont Tread On Me”.

As the American Revolution started to grow in 1775, South Carolina politician Christopher Gadsden produced the yellow flag with a coiled rattlesnake and the exact quotation: ‘Dont Tread On Me”  which enlarged Franklin’s notion, possibly the red-and-white flag.

A Sign That has Awakened: 
The Gadsden or the Dont tread on me flags were almost forgotten throughout most of American history, but they continued to have some level of credibility in political circles. The First Navy Jack was reintroduced to U.S. Navy ships in 1976 to commemorate the country’s bicentennial and again following the incident of 9/11; however, it is now designated as the nation’s longest-standing
battleship. Its application was apolitical.

The flag, however, took on a new political connotation in 2006, when the tea party, a challenging Democratic anti-tax organization, began to use it. The inference was that the U.S. government had turned into an imperialist, endangering its own people’s freedoms. However, the Gadsden flags have also been seen at numerous political rallies after this incident. The flag was flown by those protesting gun control and those opposing laws enacted in 2020 to curb the spreading of the coronavirus.

What does the Don’t Tread on Me flag mean 2022?

The flag has lately been hoisted and exhibited at post-election protests, including gatherings when protesters demanded that authorities halt the counting of votes–both inside and outside the Capitol complex in Washington, D.C., after the previous year’s presidential elections.

Some may now regard the Gadsden flag as a sign of hatred and intolerance, even racism–because it is regularly flown with ”Trump 2020” flags and the Confederate battle flag. If this is the case, the true intent will be gone forever.

The flag at present essentially symbolizes patriotism and pride in one’s identity among the Americans.

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