Denzel Washington’s wife allegedly divorcing him over cheating allegations

According to fresh new reports, Denzel Washington and his beloved wife of 23 years might be headed to divorce court soon. Reports say that insiders are telling entertainment magazines that their marriage is allegedly “on its last legs.”

Denzel Washington's wife allegedly divorcing him over cheating allegations 1

Although the rumored news is so sad, some are beginning to speculate that Pauletta Washington is potentially finally fed up with Denzel’s alleged cheating. There have been rumors for years (with no proof) alleging that Hollywood’s #1 dashing black leading man might love to indulge his adoring female fanbase every once in a while.

We do not know if that is true, but we do know that if it was, Mr. Washington would have ladies lined up down the block and around the corner for the chance to cheat with him.

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  1. cheaters sticks together.. no wonder he is on trumps side…. hmmmm i have always love his acting and his movies… even how famous man you are but if you let down your woman, you have nothing to be proud about… i think : ( am really disappointed..

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