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Bishop Sam Zuga Vows To Stop UNN From Hosting ‘First International Witchcraft Conference’



Bishop Sam Zuga Vows To Stop UNN From Hosting 'First International Witchcraft Conference' 5

Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy Ministry has vowed to stop the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) from holding its first international conference of witchcraft, slated for 26th November 2019, at the school premises.

The man of God took to his Facebook page this morning to condemn the witchcraft conference saying as long as God is still alive, and he is also alive, the conference can never take place.

According to him, other nations are holding conference to move the development of their countries forward, but what is obtainable in Nigeria is academic experts coming together for a witchcraft conference.

“I can’t be a servant of the Most High God from Benue State and allow you to go and become the international teacher of witchcraft, you are only not attending that conference, tell your host, the international conference of witchcraft cannot hold anywhere in Nigeria. ARC BISHOP BENSON IDAHOSA stopped it before. I am his grandson, it cannot hold even now!” he wrote.

“We can barely produce a tricycle (Keke napep) in this country, we are not even thinking on how this country can move forward, so, all we can organise and teach is the meaning, factors and practices on witchcraft, Bishop Sam, told David Ker, who is supposedly the keynote speaker on the International Witchcraft Conference”.

“As long as I’m alive and God is alive, this conference can’t hold. When Nations are holding digital conferences to advance technology, Nigeria’s professors are busy organizing international conference to teach witchcraft.”

Bishop Sam Zuga made a reference to the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) that held in 1977. According to him, holding the festival in the country resulted in an influx of witches into the country.

“What brought poverty in Nigeria is the FESTAC which Obasanjo use Nigeria money to organize, instead of advancing technology at that time with abundant oil money, rather, he invited witches all over Africa to Nigeria. Many of them came for FESTAC and refused to go back to their countries. That is why God became angry with Nigeria and we became one of the poorest countries of the world.

“No international witchcraft conference will hold in this country.

“No physical/broad day light witchcraft conference will hold in this country.”

Bishop Sam Zuga Vows To Stop UNN From Hosting 'First International Witchcraft Conference' 6

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