French Dating site sets up shop where women browse for Men

French dating site adopt-a-guy (adopte-un-mec) store in Paris

Window-shopping … girls ogle at bachelors up for offer

MEN pose in a shop window, but they aren’t modelling clothes; they’re offering themselves up to passing women looking for a date. French dating site Adopte-un-mec (Adopt-a-guy) has opened a new store in Paris where women can browse the aisles and shop for the man of their dreams. Single men stand in life-sized boxes looking like human Ken dolls as girls decide which bloke they want to go on a date with….continue reading to see more pictures

Man looks solemn as he poses in his life-sized box in Adopte-un-mec store in Paris

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Guy-to-buy … bloke looks solemn as he poses in his life-sized box
Next, it’s time for the girls to browse hundreds of dating profiles on the rails of the store before they put in their order and ask a man out.
One passer-by said she thought the store was a brilliant idea because it means women won’t have to wait to be chatted up, putting the power back into their hands.
Blonde Amandine Camporro said: “I think it’s great. It’s different. For once we have a choice and we don’t have to put up with the trials and tribulations of seduction so it’s a really great idea.”
Plus she thinks the set-up shows the men have that highly-coverted sense of humour.
“It proves that the guys can make fun of themselves and the ones who are here have a sense of humour and that’s different”, she added

DATING site Adopt-a-guy opens a shop in Paris selling men to women looking for a date
The dating store’s window shopping invention allows women to effectively ‘try-before-they buy’ by seeing what a man looks like in the flesh before they agree to a date.
A girl scans through dating profiles on the rails as bloke in a box gets ignored at Adopte-un-mec store

Aisle have that one … girl scans through dating profiles on the rails as bloke in a box gets ignored

The risk that comes with relying on online profile pictures to establish whether you fancy someone will be a thing of the past. It must be an attractive prospect for women who’ve met up with men thinking they were getting a sporty type only to discover on the date that his profile photo was taken ten years ago when he was three stone lighter. Combining two of women’s favourite things: men and shopping, can only be a good thing

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