Nurse sacked for mocking black colleagues by attaching a golliwog to her uniform and making monkey noises

Nurse Susan Horton outside a Midwifery and Nursing Council hearing, where she was found guilty of mnaking racist remarks about her colleaguesHorton clipped a golliwog doll to her uniform to mock her fellow workers, the hearing was told (file picture)



Two nurses who staged a sickening campaign of racist abuse on a hospital ward were kicked out of the profession today. Susan
Horton clipped a golliwog doll to her uniform to mock black colleagues
and branded one junior nurse a ‘gorilla’ at St Mary’s Hospital in

Healthcare assistant Sandy Smith had told the hearing Horton and Cullum swapped racist remarks when they met for shift handover.

She said Horton’s golliwog was on her uniform ‘so it was always accessible’.
Ms Smith said: ‘On a number of occasions, I witnessed Ms Horton pointing at the golly and pointing at the black nurses.’

made monkey noises while discussing a black doctor, referred to her as
‘scary Mary’ and said she ‘shouldn’t be allowed to breed.’

She also joked about ‘saving the bananas for Mary’, the hearing was told.
On one occasion, two black nurses from Guyana were chatting in the staffroom in their native language.

Ms Smith told the hearing: ‘Ms Horton and Ms Cullum both made the comment that they were “jabbering away in their gobbledegook”.

‘It was said in a very belittling way and it wasn’t very nice to hear.’

Horton also referred to black colleagues as ‘n*****s’ and remarked ‘they look like apes.

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